Klaus Elle (artist, visual consultant)
... "Sebastian Holzhuber is a ground breaking spiritual tracker who heals consciousness in the most imaginative and innovate way, by installing biographical changing rooms right in his studio. Take off your deceiving disguises, show yourself fully naked and stand before the mirror of your false perceptions. I will apply colors and oils on the sore spots of your self-denial, I want you to merge with others, so that you may feel your connection to all things. So that you may experience the true essence of community. The communion of your body brought together with the force of your desires and thoughts.

Sebastian Holzhuber has produced artistic solvents, which remove the distorting forms caused by self-denial, so that the ageless portrait of the great personal truth can be undeniably seen. In his transformative space, each action is symbolic, it points beyond itself, it is endless and yet at the same time completely concrete.

For Sebastian, art is a form of life. Healing. Being touched. Being able to forget. Being amazed. It is a dynamic process that stabilizes all the uncertainties of a person's search for truth.

Sebastian Holzhuber is a modern alchemist of the transition from fossil to the solar age consciousness. He sets up interesting road signs that lead us to the necessary questions about the ‘meaning'. Let us remember what the alchemists wrote about their work: ‘We are scientists and our language is art'. Is this not exactly what is revealed in Sebastian's work? Are healing ceremonies not the foundation of all science, because a diseased eye can not see anything other than a sick reality?

When you take the elevator in the seemingly meaningless Amsterdam apartment building to the top floor, then turn left walking down a dimly lit passage, you will find him smiling happily by the door, taking the stranger in his arms, closing the door and suddenly, there you are surrounded by his art infused surroundings, and you are silent for a moment. This silence does everything ."...


Peter Badstübner (theology studies, pilot and actor)
... "When I began to get to know Holzhuber personally, I quickly realized that I had met an artist and therapist, with whom I wanted to work with very strongly.

We did just that during a project called "Systole-Diastole" in June 2008 in Amsterdam. This was all about freeing oneself from chains, from old thought patterns, to step out of your old skin. Resistance and support are elements that are influential in the process. Each person
can bring their own specific situation to the table, and perhaps the aspects of which they would like to break free. As the subtitle of this project says: ‘and that is exactly what happens'.


Dineke Huizenga (coach, art historian)

... "Sebastian and his workshop create an atmosphere of trust and connectedness, a space in which participants without a doubt feel at home. Drawing from a rich experience and from diverse traditions, he brings the participants closer to their core. Origin or the source is central to his work.

The workshops have different themes in which transformation processes are undertaken, a liberation into a greater authenticity and autonomy. There is a deep connection made between the heart, soul and personal grounding. Sebastian calls this "the space of the soul". This space allows hidden personal qualities to come forward, to be experienced and expressed. Finally, all that has come forward is empowered by means of ritual, music, clothing, painting and use of power objects. The newly acquired power and energy is not only physically appropriated, but is also strongly supported and anchored by being together.

It is at this stage that Sebastian's years of experience as an artist and photographer comes forward. Participants are photographed in their transformation process. For the participant, having the moment of appropriation captured becomes a permanent anchor into the new phase ahead in life.

Sebastian's strength lies in the power setting the energy of the workshops, individual counseling and in keeping sight of and overseeing the overall process. His personal depth of being and his spaciousness allows participants to partake at any level they wish. There is no form of 'holiness' or hierarchy to be found, which results in the work being filled with originality. There is always a shared desire for a profound journey into the heart of the soul and with it the unraveling of the human psyche ."...


Dr. Lutz van Dijk, writer, Cape Town - South Africa

Sebastian - friend, brother, companion in search of contemplation, longing, deepest touch of soul and body:

Sebastian - artist, to whom art means life, the love of life and the love among us human beings, a fire in each of us.

Sebastian - teacher, academic, (re-)searcher - and protector of the endangered flame...

protect the friend, artist and teacher.